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Bathroom Plumbing

Unless your bathroom renovation is purely cosmetic in nature, bathroom plumbing may very well be part of the project requirements. Depending upon the age of home, we will be working with one of the following type pipes: plastic PVC (ABS or CPVC), copper, galvanized iron, or cast iron.

The principles of  home’s plumbing are fairly simple. Fresh water comes in under pressure to fixtures such as sinks, bathtubs, showers and toilet tanks. Water is heated by passing through a water heater before traveling to the fixtures.

Waste water is expelled from the home through drain pipes and from there into the sewer or septic system. Vent stacks help the water drain and vent sewer gases to the outside.

Showers and Tubs
We also offer bathtub and shower plumbing services no matter what type or brand of tub or shower you may be using. We can even install luxury features such as spa-like water jets, steam systems, modern faucet designs, and sophisticated shower heads that are commonly seen in modern bathrooms.
Clogged Drains
Clogs in tubs, showers, and sinks are common. They occur because toothpaste, soap or, hair collects in the drain pipe. Our professional plumber will clean up any kind of mess or debris and restore your drainage.
Bathroom Sinks
A skilled technician can install a new sink, repair a damaged sink, repair or replace the faucet, or unclog the sink drain to restore proper drainage.

The plumbing of any household, locality or office plays a very crucial role in its unhindered and smooth functioning.  A good plumbing system implies a better quality of life for the people. The fixtures, fittings and network of pipes laid down in a system to ensure a continuous supply of water constitute its plumbing.

Toilet drains often get clogged because non-flushable items get stuck in the drain. Our drain expert can clear your drain of any debris and restore proper drainage and flushing. Our skilled technicians will fix your broken tanks and bowls, toilets that don’t flush properly, leaking toilets, and running toilets.



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