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The effective way of updating or refreshing a house, apartment or other living place is to paint the whole property or few rooms regularly. It is very difficult to locate and hire companies for painting a project because of fraud and a bad use of paint. RepairDXB is here for all your worries. We have a wide range of reputable and reliable painters in Dubai for your Interior and Exterior painting, Apartment and Villa painting, Offices and Building Painting and all other living places.

Before starting you have to plan for a better new look. For this, you have to choose different color schemes and paints for the rooms. Not all men have the actual painting prospects. The Best painter in Dubai that you want to hire has the expertise of doing that job, he has all the equipment and even also has experience. It will be very difficult for another person to fix botched work.

The Beautiful sense of color makes the room pleasant and worth looking. By feature wall and color psychology, creates a calming effect and even in the bedroom, it makes sleep convenient environment.

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We are a better option for every trade by taking big and small projects. We serve from custom to full renovation through individual hiring. We are the best because we work in a challenging environment and make your home staying in style and trendy. It always a dream of every homeowner or business owner that his place looks good, shiny, and best.

We are Here for All Solutions.


As Professionalism and Experience of our painters, it is a prove of our skills and morality for having the best painting services in Dubai marina. This trust keep us working with you Smoothly.


Our best painters in Dubai have a vast field of experience with a quality work in painting services in Dubai.
The combination of these two and also with techniques and low prices, allows you to hire us.


Our very professional Painters also work professionally. They follow all the standards to make your house, villa or any property very beautiful. You will see from our first day to complete handover, we will satisfy you by smart steps and best price for paint services in Dubai.

We offer a Broad Range of

Paint Services in Dubai

From lightening up a living room to a complete color overhaul, the impact a fresh coat of paint can have a huge impact on your home’s interior! From your living room to your bedroom and everything in between, we provide professional interior painting services to enhance the beauty of your home. 

Did you know color can make all the difference? The right paint job can transform your property from bland to bright and beautiful! Choosing the perfect shade can transform any space and help you reflect your dreams, hopes, personality, and mood in living color.

It’s easy to create a home that reflects who you are after calling the Painting expert in Dubai. No matter what your goal, we’ll help you achieve it. RepairDXB knows color! Not only do we leave behind a perfectly finished surface—that’s all we leave behind. When you choose our Painting service, you can expect a clean work area and a job well done.

Discount Painting Prices

We Provide Reasonable Rates with Best Wall Painting Services in Dubai.


A very special Offer for a Single Bedroom. We can do White & Half White by JOTUN PAINTS with

Orignal Price 640 AED


Discount Price for SINGLE BEDROOM

450 AED



Providing Double Bedroom Painting Service with White & Half White by JOTUN PAINTS with

Orignal Price 845 AED


Discount Price for DOUBLE BEDROOM

650 AED


The Rates are different according to Area, Term and Conditions of work.

Main Interior Paints

RepairDXB PAINTING has made the process of getting your place interior painted a whole lot less annoying. We deliver both speed and quality, so you don’t have to shift your whole life around just to get your place painted. We paint the following interior spaces

Oil paint is a sort of moderate drying paint that comprises of particles of color suspended in a drying oil, normally linseed oil. The consistency of the paint might be altered by the option of a dissolvable, for example, turpentine or white soul, and stain might be added to build the polish of the dried oil paint film.

3D wall panels are a type of decorative wall material with three-dimensional surface patterns and rectangular shape. They’re used to cover walls, making up visible or exposed wall surfaces. Designed for decorative and functional use, wall panels offer soundproofing and insulation, atop giving a uniform appearance.


Distemper is a decorative paint and a historical medium for painting pictures, and contrasted with tempera. The binder may be glues of vegetable or animal origin (excluding egg). Soft distemper is not abrasion resistant and may include binders such as chalk, ground pigments, and animal glue.

Plastic emulsion paint is water based wall paint. It is based on acrylic and provide a smooth matt finish to the walls. These paints have gained popularity because of their ease of application, quick drying properties, non-objectionable odour and good washability.

Weather Sheet is a specialist range of paint for exterior masonry, wood and metal that uses advanced technology to help withstand the elements, so your paint will look better for longer. With a high-sheen finish that’s touch-dry in just two hours, Weather Sheet Quick Dry Gloss completely transforms the appearance of exterior wood and metal, while protecting it for up to 6 years.

Other Beauty Items