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Weather Sheet

Weathersheet is a specialist range of paint for exterior masonry, wood and metal that uses advanced technology to help withstand the elements, so your paint will look better for longer. With a high-sheen finish that’s touch-dry in just two hours, Weathersheet Quick Dry Gloss completely transforms the appearance of exterior wood and metal, while protecting it for up to 6 years. Its waterproof technology is mould resistant, too, making for tough trim that lasts.

Surface must be dry and clean. In general preparation will include: For new surface remove all loose powder by sweeping with sand paper. Apply a sealing coat with Weldon weather sealed Wall putty. Allow the filler to dry overnight before painting with emulsion paint. For old surfaces, necessary repair work of cracks and defective rendering should be done before painting. Remove all moss, mold growth. Remove poorly adhering or powder coating. Apply sand paper to get smooth surface. 


Do you want to install weather sheet on your Washroom, office, hospitality exterior or shopping center? Check out our Wheather Sheet designs for an improved ambience and look indoors or outdoors.



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